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Boise State Committs to Mountain West-Shuns the Big East

January 31st, 2013 at 2:23 PM
By Mike Timothy

Most fans were looking forward to the Broncos joining the Big East. Originally it seemed like a good move.  Mostly because it was more competitive; there was more exposure on a national level, and it would have strengthened future recruiting classes. But Boise State President Bob Kustra decided to part ways with the Big East and rejoin the Mountain West Conference.  As usual it comes down to money and the revenue and stability of the conference persuaded Kustra to cancel the Big East contract. "I was committed to the Big East decision and thought it was a good decision," Kustra told reporters. "But this thing started changing, and then it became a different matter. That's where the Boise State and the Mountain West Conference renewed their ties and come together with an innovative approach."

This innovative approach comes with a better television contract and a more even split in other league games. Those financial incentives and giving Boise State the flexibility to control its own television destiny were more appealing than anything the Big East was prepared to offer. There is however an exit fee for the Big East is which $5 million, but Kustra said the contract has language that could lower that amount. Under the new arrangement, the Mountain West Conference has agreed to pay up to $3 million toward those exit fees. Kustra said he expects to honor the Big West contract and its $1.5 million exit fee.

It would have worked out nice if the Broncos could have kept Rutgers and Louisville on their schedule. Playing Louisville would have had more credence with the Cardinals recent Bowl victory over the Florida Gators.  But fans will not get to see this and Boise will once again play those easy conference games that do not favor them in the eyes of the BCS or national sports writers. 


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